comenius1Our project includes Italy, Poland, Turkey and Spain, the coordinator. The project focuses on kids games and their cultural histories.

Every game was born in its culture. Every country has got traditional kids games. Kids like games so we want to make a cultural interaction by learning different traditional games and by showing our traditional games. In childhood kids can improve their language learning skills and they can make the first steps of learning a different language and this will help them to have better acqusition in their future life. We can easily teach kids a different language with kids games via simple words. This also enables them to meet a different culture and respect it too.

Game represents a good strategy for promoting childhood care and development. We believe kids education, teachers motivation and school are related to each other. The first year will be the year of searching and collecting data; the second year will be sharing the datas and acting out the games. Sito web:

logocomeniusAll'Anna Frank è stato premiato il logo realizzato da Martina e Serena per il progetto Comenius. Vincitore tra ben 40 bellissimi lavori realizzati dagli studenti delle medie dell'Istituto Balilla Paganelli, il logo concorrerà a una selezione finale insieme ai lavori degli studenti di Spagna, Turchia e Polonia aderenti al progetto internazionale sul tema del gioco.